Friday, February 03, 2006

Senior Sequels: Born to Score or Bore?

A friend at work turned me on to a couple sequels-in-the-making that normally I would have laughed off. But he was so pumped about them, I had to wonder: Are sequels made 10-plus years after the originals really not a terrible idea? First up, SLY STALLONE returns as Steroid Stallion Rocky Balboa in "Rocky VI," which started filming last year. In the new flick, the now-widowed Rocky, in his 60s?, owns a restaurant but is goaded into getting back into the ring to fight boxer "Mason Dixon," played by ROY JONES JR. from the "Matrix: Revolutions." There's something about an "Internet fight" which sounds too corny to even address, and even pumped full of horse tranquilizers, Rocky looks a little saggy around the armpits. In any case, there are pics of Sly (like this one) on the official "" if you, too, are psyched.

Basic Instinct 2: Bad Clams?

The second "bad news" sequel stars SHARON STONE as you guessed it, that sexy lesbian author with slightly homicidal tendencies, in "Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction." She's "in trouble again" and toying with a new police psychiatrist (DAVID MORRISSEY). The movie was originally so racy it was going to get an NC-17, but has now been edited down to an "R." The official site shows just a large picture of Sharon looking bitchy and annoyed with her legs half uncrossed. Question: Do people still care enough to pay to see Sharon's aging clam?

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