Monday, November 28, 2005

Needful Things

It's gift-shopping time and if you're like me, you're all out of ideas! Which is how I stumbled upon these fun and freaky gifties. For those cold necks and ears, these multi-colored scarves and hats (seen below) are to die for. For the baby that was "born to rock": AC/DC and Ozzy styled baby thermals! Not so much? Then how about these adorable baby slippers in fun animal prints? For that friend, assistant, co-worker who's always late to work, check out this colorful coffee thermos with a clock built right in. But the coolest new gadget for the season has to be the i-dog, a rockin', robot dog that plugs in and dances to your ipod! Very Harajuku cool. These are just my personal faves and no, I don't see moolah from any of these products!


At 12:23 PM, Anonymous tennisgirl said...

Love the clock thermos! So cute. My best friend is always late to work. I cant wait to get one for her! Wonder how long the battery lasts?


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