Thursday, January 12, 2006

Beyonce Shakes It, Breaks It

Things you won't see on MTV's "Making the Video" ... In the new Cosmo, on stands Jan. 17, BEYONCÉ reveals, "In my 'Crazy in Love' video, I was dancing so hard that my whole dress completely fell off in front of all these men." Beyoncé, who is the mag's newly crowned "Fun Fearless Female," also says that all you folks out there still saying "Bootylicious", betta check yourself: "I'm still kind of embarrassed that I wrote that song. I had gained a little weight, and I was making fun of it."

Next Stop, Rehab!
Just days after being released from a hospital for an "asthma attack" and admitting, then denying, using drugs, teen car wreck LINDSAY LOHAN and stick-figure KATE MOSS allegedly crashed a New York Strip Club and gave the patrons a girl-on-girl pole-dancing show, reports Page Six.


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