Thursday, January 05, 2006

Howard Stern Yanks Daughter from Nudie Play

Twenty-two-year-old EMILY STERN has quit a New York play that would have featured her topless after her pop, HOWARD STERN, begged her to drop out. The New York Post and others report,
"She said, 'My father basically told me that if I take the role [which requires her to be on stage nude for the last 10 minutes], that his enemies would buy blocks of tickets, throw garbage at my vagina, take nude pictures of me and put them all over the Internet.'"

The play is a Kabbalah spoof in which aspiring actress Emily was cast as MADONNA. She was expected to doff her cone bra and panties at the end and appear, yep, fully nekkid!

Howard knows a thing a two or about pervs and has been extremely guarded about letting his daughters be photographed. To see more pics of Emily, who is pretty cute, click here.

UPDATE: Friday on "LARRY KING Live," Howard blamed Emily's flight on an unscrupulous play promoter. "From what she told me," Howard said, "she quit because the guy who did the promotion promised not to use her pictures and singled her out. She felt very betrayed." As for the play itself, he said he "was unaware of the show and has not seen it." Okay, that could all be true. But he laid it on a little thick when he said, "She is a great kid and an aspring actress and I am extremely proud of her. I have no problem with nudity and it wasn't an issue of nudity." If he has no problem with nudity, why didn't she tell him, 'Daddy, I'm starring naked in a play this winter?" We smell the spin-meisters at work!

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