Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006!

Miami's South Beach was the place to be Saturday night if you were SNOOP DOGG, a washed-up action star or "That '70s" cradlerobber WILMER VALDERRAMA.

Snoop was big pimpin' at the Delano Hotel Party with ego-on-wheels JAMIE FOXX, who was singing tracks and declaring "I do it Hood," from his debut album "Undpredictable." Wilmer was trolling for underage poon at South Beach hotspot Mansion and clinking champagne bottles with DJ AM, who was spinning there. Ironically, AM's ex-fiancee, NICOLE RICHIE, was slated to co-host and apparently snuck in the back door and snogged with AM at midnight.

While down the street, Wilmer's ex, LINDSAY LOHAN, partied with a posse of hot young males at club Prive and then ditched her own party to go to Mansion! (See video here.)

And who else was hitting the scene? None other than big, gay 'XXX' star VIN DIESEL!


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