Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ellen's Guests: Crack-Ups or Just on Crack?

Celebs do the weirdest things on ELLEN DEGENERES' show, and not the scripted, publicist-friendly kind of weird Hollywood stuff you'd expect. We're talking -- ANNA NICOLE-on-crack weird. Example: DENNIS QUAID seemed like a semi-normal but cute over-the-hill star, until he performed last month with his band THE SHARKS. There he was, singing loudly and off key and jumping up and down onstage in his BARE FEET. But apparently that wasn't weird enough, so he suddenly leaped off stage and ran through the audience with his guitar -- BAREFOOT.

We could have overlooked that momentary weirdness, if not for the fact that a few weeks before, PAM ANDERSON guested on "Ellen" and discussed her duet with BRYAN ADAMS. (Definitely weird.) After tugging at her itty bitty sweater several times, Pam offered to "dance" along to the song, and jumped up and started doing SOMERSAULTS in 4-inch stiletto heels across the stage and jumping around like, well, kinda like a blond orangutan. (Or a Playmate with the IQ of an orangutan.) Anyway, if you happen to notice any other weird Ellen appearances, keep us posted!


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