Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Nicole Richie + Wedding = Over! But New Year's Is Still On

UPDATE: They may have split (see below) but NICOLE RICHIE and DJ AM are still planning to spend New Year's Eve together in Miami at South Beach hotspot Mansion. A close friend says they are both bringing their posses and "AM is still hoping for a reconciliation."

Yesterday we reported that, apparently, the trendy thing to do in Starletville is celebrate your engagement with a blowout bash and then call off the actual wedding. That's exactly what NICOLE RICHIE, 24, and her fiancé, ADAM "DJ AM" GOLDSTEIN, 32, announced they're doing today. The decision is mutual," their rep says. So will Nicole keep the $75,000 pink sapphire and diamond ring? Or was this just a big publicity stunt by her and PARIS to promote that turkey "The Simple Life 4"? Genius!


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