Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tori: Split up and Knocked Up?

The latest star baby babble is that former "90210" super-virgin Donna Martin, aka TORI SPELLING, is pregnant, but not by her soon-to-be ex CHARLIE SHANIAN! Those crazy Canucks up North at CTV are going with a story that the baby daddy is her recent Lifetime TV co-star DEAN McDERMOTT. That movie, typical melodramatic fare in which Tori develops the ability to "read minds" after an accident, has been airing like crazy lately on Lifetime. McDermott, who isn't a bad-looking slice but STILL, has recently separated from his wife, a Canadian television personality and already has a seven-year-old son and recently adopted infant daughter. (Aw, say it ain't so!! Is Tori pulling a BRITNEY??) Her reps are denying this story like crazy but, hey, see my story below on celeb liars and you be the judge!


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