Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Freaky Star Hookups

"Lost" pals DOMINIC MONAGHAN and EVANGELINE LILLY! My first reaction after hearing that these two were bumping uglies was "Really?" Then, "Seriously?" And finally, "NO WAY." I mean, I like hobbits as much as the next gal, but geez, if their feet are that furry, what about the rest of them! And what about his toenails? A guy once invited me to a bbq and when I got there he was in the pool and, lo and behold, when he got out his toenails were completely GREEN and MOSSY. I ran as fast as I could! Anyway, my friend saw The Hobbit and Friend snuggling at the L.A. airport over the Turkey Day wknd so it must be true. If so, I'd say Dominic definitely traded up in this deal.

JENNIFER ANISTON and VINCE VAUGHN: Hey, there's nothing sexier than a big, fat, bloated guy in his 30s -- especially when he's driving drunk!

Freaky Theater: 'Edward Scissorhands' The Musical!

TIM BURTON's Goth chestnut just debuted in London as a song and dance-happy musical. "There's a swagger of Spanish dance, a classical vision scene, a nod to West Side Story and Grease!" reports England's venerable 'Guardian.' Oh yeah, I loved that scene in Grease when Danny Zuko slashed Sandy to bits with his gi-normous fingers of death!


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