Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lindsay Lohan's Mystery Illness and 'Kong' Spoilers!

Official "It Girl" LINDSAY LOHAN bailed out of REGIS and KELLY this morning complaining of "food poisoning." Funny, she looked foine at last night's NY premiere and after-party for "King Kong." Case of that 24-hour monkey pox, perhaps? Or maybe that celeb nose flu that’s been going around? Speaking of 'Kong,' we saw the flick last night and um, wow! Monster madness! It's basically an 8-year-old boy's wet dream, featuring epic battles between T-rexes, giant cockroaches, man-eating flobber worms, vampire bats and, of course, that big, furry ape. NAOMI WATTS is great, but JACK BLACK? We couldn't stop giggling. Avoid the vente lattes before you go. This is 3 hours of non-stop action.


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