Monday, December 05, 2005

Adam Sandler to Become Real Big Daddy

Goofball ADAM SANDLER is officially a grownup. He announced that he and his wife, JACKIE, are expecting their first baby, due next spring, People magazine reports. The one-time "Opera Man" and "SNL" funnyman, 39, married the 31-year-old model in Malibu, CA, back in June of 2003, and since then they've parented two beautiful bulldogs: MEATBALL and MATZOH BALL. Alas Meatball, who was the ringbearer at their wedding, passed away last year. So naturally a human replacement has been in the works! Here's hoping (a) they name the baby Little Nicky and (b) Sandler doesn’t go the way of the unfunny RAY ROMANO.


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