Sunday, December 11, 2005

2 for 1: Matt & Ben-Aff-ner Fun

So, so wrong yet so, so funny! New dad BEN AFFLECK is being heckled drive-by-style by a crazed neighbor, according toStar magazine. Someone in an SUV has been driving by Ben and JEN's house daily and hollering, "J.LO is much hotter than Jennifer Garner!" and "Your wife is a slut!" The 'Armageddon' star is so fed up he's looking for a new house for Jen and new baby VIOLET. And who can blame him? Duh! Everyone knows "J.Lo" is so five minutes ago. She's "Jenny from the Block" now, people!

Hey, maybe they can shack up with Ben's main squeeze, MATT DAMON, and his new wifey-poo. While Ben flew to the sunny Turks and Caicos Islands to get hitched to his pregnant honey, Matt wed his fiancé, former Miami bartender LUCIANA BOZAN, on Friday at the oh-so-romantic New York City Hall. Did we mention that Luciana is knocked up too? Is there anything these boys don't do together?


At 11:54 AM, Anonymous Deanna said...

Haha that picture of them is way too funny! They look so stunned.


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