Wednesday, December 28, 2005

K-Fed Launches Official Site in Between Diaper and Ciggy Runs is live, y'all! The FEDERLINE must be back in BRITNEY's good graces because she is bankrolling his cheesy new Website, complete with a bio and his own poser raps. (Heads up: You must have Flash 8 or call a friend who does to see all the wack-ass graphics.) After fly-in tabloid headlines of their recent marital hiccups, such as "Britney Boots Kevin," you're treated to the old cliché, "Never Judge a Book By Its Cover," and this snazzy resume: "I don't think we've ever been formally introduced. My name is Kevin Federline. I'm 6 feet tall, have brown hair and brown eyes. I enjoy horseback riding, long walks on the beach and the wind whipping through my hair. Ha ha ha. On a more serious note, there's going to be a lot more information and updates on here in the coming weeks and I think this will provide you with the opportunity to get to know who I really am. Anyway, thanks for checking out my site and be sure to come back often." Then prepare to be dazzled as "I'm Coming ... 2006" paired with video of a gushing champagne bottle spins into view. Nope, not since R. KELLY have we seen this kind of craptacular genius! If this is a hoax, it's a damn fine one, because The Brit-ster links to her baby daddy's page from her own site with the gushy note, "Hey, fans, Kevin's Website is now live! Make sure to check it out today!"


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