Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Joan Rivers' Post-Oscar Zingers

Even though wicked old bitty JOAN RIVERS has been relegated to ranting in between listings of "The Fresh Prince" and "Queer Eye" on the "TV Guide Channel," the Duchess of Double Entendres still manages to get some zingers in. Here's Joan... ...

On why "BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN" didn't win Best Picture: "The whole movie is a sham. They're not gay in the least. In the last shot, he's sitting in a trailer, and that is not a gay man's trailer. There are no tassels, no pictures of CHER, no antlers."

On TOMKAT! "She first saw him when she was 4 years old and what they had in common is that she was as tall as he is."

On BRANGELINA's claim they were "just friends" until the divorce! "Oh, Please. He's been on top of her so much he's worn off her tattoos."

Atta girl, Joanie!

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