Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Kid Rock On the Sex Tape

KID ROCK guest-starred on HOWARD STERN's show this morning and was immediately grilled by the satellite radio host about his infamous sex tape with CREED singer SCOTT STAPP. Although he claimed not to remember the exact horny details of the two's sex romp with multiple big and busty babes, he did recall, "I got four chicks blowing me and he comes in with a camera. I'm not really into cameras. I'm definitely into four girls blowing me. He comes in and he's like, 'Can I get in on that?' I'm like, 'You know what? Take your pants off. It's all good, buddy.' We were in a trailer. I think we were in hand-slapping distance. As I remember, I was kind of slinging from the ceiling a little bit." Later, he found Scott cuddling in bed with one of the girls and joked, that's "not the [kind of] chick you want to be kissing."

Clips of the vid have been making the Internet rounds and last week, Kid filed a lawsuit against Red Light, which made headlines in 2004 by distributing the PARIS HILTON sex video, accusing them of violating his trademark and privacy rights. The suit seeks a permanent court order halting sale or distribution of the video. Kid told Howard he was pissed about the tape leaking out but really didn't seem to care about the suit, saying the video could actually boost sales of his new CD ''Live' Trucker': "I just wanna own it. If I recorded a song with SHERYL CROW, which I did, I can't put that song out without getting her permission. Now there's all a bunch of jerk-ass attorneys involved and I'm like, 'Let's just roll with it until the record comes out.' "

He said the sexy free-for-all happened about "six years ago" in Florida and that he hasn't talked to Scott since then. "As dumb as he is, he's gotta be smart enough to know he's looking like a doofus," Kid said. "Did he think he was gonna look cool because I was in the room?" He also talked some smack about ex PAM ANDERSON, implying she wasn't entirely honest about that little Hepatitis C thingy. "I had no idea what it is. I was like, 'Oh shit, we're dead!' I didn't know what was going on. There was just some inconsiderate things, but whatever."

Finally he added, "If that's the worst I'm doing, that's all right. At least it was four girls. I don't want to date any more actresses and that crap. I'm over it."

Now, that's a rock star!

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