Monday, February 13, 2006

Can You Pick the Real Paris?

A PARIS HILTON lookalike crashed an invite-only show at New York's Fashion Week and was promptly escorted to a front row seat next to DAVID LEE ROTH and other celebs before being exposed, gossip channel reports. The blonde model, named NATALIE REID, is a dead ringer for the hotel heir-head, right down to her squeaky voice and orange tan. In fact, she reportedly tries to punk as many events as she can! She's shown above. So can you pick the genu-whine Carl's Jr. burger babe from this lineup? To see the real Paris, click here.

And this photo just cracks me up. Who's the actress? Hint: She's not really that big!

It's junior Vampire Slayer ALYSON HANNIGAN, wearing a fat suit for "Date Movie," a spoof of "Wedding Crashers," "Napoleon Dynamite" and more romantic comedies. It opens in theaters Friday, Feb. 17.

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