Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Only at the Grammys

The Grammys kicked off Wednesday night with an ambitious yet slightly creepy duet between MADONNA and the cartoon GORILLAZ. While the Granny of Pop jumped around in a leotard to her song "Hung Up," the animated slackers were projected around her like holograms. Sadly, they looked a little too much like "Lord of the Rings"' "Gollum" for comfort.

Then pimps KANYE WEST and JAMIE FOXX performed a rap-off of "Gold-digger" dressed like gay, I mean, rival bandleaders -- complete with furry hats and accompanied by trumpet and drum players straight outta the movie "Drumline." It was fly and all but something tells me those hats will get you shot in the 'hood, playas!

Oddly, the night's sluttiest costume wasn't worn by MARIAH CAREY, but "Desperate Housewife" TERI HATCHER, who showed her knickers off in a see-through designer gown.

And, miracle of miracles, BLACKEYED PEA FERGIE showed up and didn't look like a man in drag for once!

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