Monday, February 13, 2006

Damage Control Ideas for Britney

First the baby bobble and then the Grammy nipple slip and now here come the government scolds. Looks like BRITNEY SPEARS could use some help, y'all! U.S. Transportation Secretary NORMAN MINETA called Britney "irresponsible" after photos of the pop star driving with her baby son on her lap surfaced on the Web last week. "While Ms. Spears has acknowledged her mistake, her actions still send the wrong message to millions of her fans," Norman said at an event at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Heck, yes, the Southern-fried pop star blew it by clutching baby SEAN PRESTON on her lap like a jumbo-sized sack of Cheetos while speeding away from Starbucks. "No matter who you are, there's absolutely no excuse for this display -- not instinct, not fear, not even reckless paparazzi," he droned on. "It's irresponsible to compromise the safety of a child for the sake of the moment." Well, DUH. But, in her defense, Norman has clearly never had a venti caramel frappuccino. Those hyper-caffeinated missiles can make a girl do cuh-razy things! If nothing else, Starbucks should offer poor hillbilly Brit a spokesgig or at the very least, her own signature drink. How 'bout the "Hit Me Baby, One more Chai"? Or the "(You Drive Me) Crazy" carseat? There's money to be made here, people!

Read about the original baby crisis here!

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