Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Stern's Girlfriend Offered 'Dancing with the Stars' Gig

HOWARD STERN's gorgeous girlfriend BETH OSTROSKY is mulling an offer to join the new season of the hit series, "Dancing with the Stars," after the network offered her more than $100,000 to sign up. The long-legged pin-up called in to the "Stern Show" on Sirius yesterday to get ROBIN and the gang's impressions on whether she should join or not. Howard said he was supportive but Robin was concerned about the six-week dance training and shooting Beth would have to attend in Los Angeles, saying she didn’t think the needy, NYC-based Howard would be able to handle not having Beth by his side for even a second. "You won't break up at this time but you'll break up eventually and this will be the start of it," she gloomily predicted. GARY assured Beth that even if she sucks the show's fans would be sure to vote for her, thus keeping her on the series for a few weeks. Howard put on a brave face but was still whining about the fact that Beth got a massage from a male masseuse during their vacation last week. He was so worried about her being unfaithful that he locked himself in their hotel bathroom and wouldn't speak to her for hours. "If she wants to go do 'Dancing with the Stars,' I'm fine with it, I just don't want a guy massaging her," he said. "The reason I don't want her getting a massage with a man is because when I'm with a female masseuse, I'm dying to get my knob rubbed." Beth has a dance session next week. I say, forget that big-nosed bastard, Beth, and go for the gig!

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At 5:13 AM, Anonymous Howard S. said...

I invented dancing with stars. Hoo! Hoo! Tell 'em Fred!


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