Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tonight: A Surprise Wedding and the Top Models Sashay, Chantey!

MOLLIE SUE may have lost the CoverGirl contract, but she won a hubby! TVGuide reports she got hitched to her boyfriend right after being eliminated and is enjoying her honeymoon. (Congrats, girl!) Of course, the show must go on and tonight TYRA's girls get a ladylike lesson in "sashaying" and "twirling" for a "church fashion show" from the oh-so-preppy Harris twins, RICHARD and RON, on "America's Next Top Model" (8 p.m. UPN). But first the model wannabes have to complete a ghetto fabulous rooftop photo shoot that tests their dancing, er, "krumpin'" skills. "I can dance!" declares preacher's girl JOANIE, but JAY MANUEL doesn't think she's all that! There's too much "mean muggin'" going on, he sniffs about her photos, while elsewhere cracks are appearing in NENNA's frosty facade. The African beauty mocks BROOKE on the catwalk when she drops some accessories and a catfight ensues! (And yes, I said "facade," look it up, Miss JADE!) Speakin' of the diva, Jade is in her usual overconfident form announcing at the church challenge, "If there's a runway, Jade is gonna be on it." Something tells me there's a lot of cockroach-kissin' in this girl's future!

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