Thursday, April 06, 2006

Giant Eva Longoria Poster Angers Alien Warlords

The Gorgamatron Tribe of the 9th Lunar Galaxy gathered its armed deathfleet and headed towards Earth today after a giant poster of "Desperate Housewives" star EVA LONGORIA was unveiled in the Nevada desert. The 75-foot x 110-foot image of the bikinied bimbette was erected by Maxim magazine to celebrate its 100th issue and can reportedly be seen by orbiting satellites. It worked a little too well, however, and, in fact, showed up on the warmongering Gorgamatrons' radar, giving them the earth-bound target they need to lay siege. Gather your canned goods, folks, or prepare to be bantha fodder!

(Boob Quiz Answer No. 1 Below!)

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