Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Prince Sells Out to 'American Idol'!

Funkmaster PRINCE is "thisclose" to bringing his high-heeled boots and ruffled shirts to the "American Idol" stage, PageSix reports. Prince is reportedly so anxious to sell copies of his new CD, 3121, that his advisors have told him the only way he can do so is to perform on the hit reality show, much like BARRY MANILOW did. I can just see it now: "Prince Week"! Imagine ACE trying to belt out a falsetto on His Purpleness's "Diamonds and Pearls" and suck-up judge RANDY JACKSON kissing Prince's shoes! According to one source, the "Purple Rain" star has been hard to convince, however, because "Prince apparently hates the show and has never even watched it."

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