Monday, April 03, 2006

Britney Hires Midgets to Amuse K-Fed

Proving there's nothing BRITNEY SPEARS won't do to keep her "old man" happy, the pop blimp reportedly hired female midgets, er, "little people," to entertain K-FED-HER-A-LINE at his Vegas birthday bash.

According to, the "Toxic" trailer cutie asked two P.O.U.S.S'es (People of Unusually Small Size) to carry a cake to K-Fed during his 28th birthday party at Tao. The Popozao papa was reportedly delighted with the surprise, no doubt because it reminded him of his days not so long ago as a travelin' carnie. Brit became insanely jealous, however, when he began ogling the curvaceous young ladies and immediately tried to divert his attention by shoving his face in her drooping utters.

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