Thursday, March 30, 2006

Seth Green Plays with Chickens, Dolls

Things got a little koo-koo-roo when "Party Monster" SETH GREEN launched the DVD for his new animated series, "Robot Chicken," at the Playboy Mansion. The Cartoon Channel series drew a strictly C-list roster of celebs including former teen idols MELISSA JOAN HART and COREY FELDMAN. Green, who's pretty firmly planted on the C-list himself, revealed to HOWARD STERN last week that he is a huge "Star Wars" geek and G.I. Joe action figure fan, and that his toy collection has become so large he has to keep it in a storage unit. He also added that when he was on the hit "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" he used to give SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR and the other castmates his own homemade "dolls" of them in their likenesses. He joked however that he quickly discovered doing so was "a women deterrent."

Meanwhile, at the party, Hef got his rocks off as "Girl Next Door" KENDRA did it chicken-style! Who says chickens don't have nuggets??

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