Sunday, March 26, 2006

Star Sightings: Mischa, Spenderline, His Purpleness

The cool thing about living in Hell-Ay is that sometimes you can stumble into a celeb party without really trying. Last night, we intended to go to the Chateau Marmont but were rudely turned away no doubt because I lack the A-List star power and gi-normous jawline of the Great Perez Hilton. (Hey, don't breasts count for anything in this town anymore? Sheesh.) We had the last laugh however when we headed to the newly re-done hotspot The Roosevelt (a classic, old Hollywood Blvd. hotel reportedly haunted by MARILYN MONROE's ghost) and wound up in the middle of a poolside Keds promotional party with "O.C." cutie MISCHA BARTON and Aussie rockers THE VERONICAS. Mischa was there chatting up her new line of "Keds," which are kinda funny because they make her giant feet look like canoes. That aside, however, the 90-pound pin-up was a complete doll -- her only diva request was that the bouncers keep out her trollish ex, BRANDON DAVIS. Meanwhile, her new trollish b-frie, CISCO, wasn't there and an insider who was by her side swears that she's enjoying a hot and steamy flirtation with Brit popper JAMES BLUNT (she's in his new video "Goodbye My Lover").

Not bad for a Saturday night, we thought! But then we heard that PRINCE played a private show at the Roosevelt the night before and that the crowd went wild when he sang his '80s hits from "Purple Rain," including "I Would Die 4 You" and "Let's Go Crazy." Making the rounds that night was none other than KEVIN SPENDERLINE, minus his "old lady" and NICK LACHEY. K-Fed must have been there trying to pick up licks for his next track. Popozao!

UPDATE: As for the ghost mention I just made, funnily enough, gossip columnist LIZ SMITH reports today [March 28] that,
"Nick Lachey told a pal recently that he walked into an elevator of the famous Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and was confronted with a gorgeous blonde dressed in sexy 1950s-style evening wear. He pressed his floor and then turned around for a better look at the lady. He says she had vanished! He says the phantom looked a lot like . . . Marilyn Monroe."

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