Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Jessica, Kristin's Got Yo' Man!

She's blonde, she's ditzy and she's seeing JESSICA SIMPSON's ex! Yes reports that MTV "Laguna Beach" hottie KRISTIN CAVALLARI is dating broken-hearted boy bander NICK LACHEY. According to People, the two were seen this past weekend "having a drink together at Stanley's restaurant in Sherman Oaks, CA," (which is in the Valley for you non-West Coasters). This is the second time the two have been spotted. It's possible, of course, that they are "just friends," as Kristin claims. As fans of "Laguna Beach" know, she used to date UCLA quarterback MATT LEINART (see below), who is also a friend of sports nut Nick. So has Jessica really given her man up for good? Little Kristin could give her a run for her extensions. Just ask L.C.!

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