Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tyra Collapses on Tonight's 'Top Model'!

She's pulled a lot of diva tricks on "America's Next Top Model," like crying with the contestants and making them dance in her half-assed music video, but on tonight's new show, TYRA will pass out cold on the show! "Entertainment Tonight" reports the shit goes down like this,
"I have been working so hard. I am so tired, you guys. I don't mean to be all weak in front of you, but I am lightheaded," Tyra says. Then she attempts to stand up, saying, "I am all right," when she falls.

Gurrl, please! We know the show is all about YOU! Give it a rest! Also on tonight's episode, the wannabes get comedy lessons in improv from the famous GROUNDLINGS, who have spawned stars like WILL FERRELL and LISA KUDROW. And then the girls must put their comic skills to work for a new "CoverGirl" commercial. Aiiiyeeeesh! Can't you just hear the crickets now?

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