Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Oops! Britney's Baby Goes Boom

Star mag now has the scoop! Loueeeziana's No. 1 mom is in trouble again. "The Insider" and "Us Weekly" began by reporting that Malibu Sheriff's deputies and the stiffs from Children's Services were called Saturday to BRITNEY's home a second time since that unfortunate baby-driving mishap. Looks like baby K-Fed took a tumble and conked his noggin'. Poor li'l hillbilly! How's the "Toxic" mama gonna explain this one?

(Photo courtesy: Perez Hilton!)

UPDATE! The Bosh has a sneak peek at the Star article which claims that on April 7, when Britney and Fed-her-a-line realized that their pookie had been sleeping more than usual, panic alarms went off. Just six days earlier, the 7-month-old had taken a major fall from his high chair, a tumble that had his parents worried that he might have been critically injured. After rushing Sean to a nearby hospital, they discovered he had a minor skull fracture (sometimes called a "scalp fracture" in babies), and a blood clot. The next day, the Department of Children and Family Services began looking into the incident and they had to explain themselves to the authorities.

On April 8, Cali Sheriff's deputies arrived at Britney's Malibu home to investigate a child-abuse claim against Britney and Kevin in relation to the head injury. These investigations are pretty standard. According to California law, whenever a baby is brought into the hospital with a serious injury, Family Services is alerted.

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