Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Could Someone Really Have Impregnated This?

UPDATE: It's true! She's knocked up, according to her website:

Rumors just won't die that ANNA NICOLE SMITH is preggers! Today, gossips RUSH & MOLLOY reported that Smith visited L.A.'s posh baby boutique Petit Tresor and gave the distinct impression she'll be suiting up a little girl. "She and a female friend were looking at mostly pink onesies, pajamas and blankets," a spy tells the columnist. "The kind of things you get when you first find out." Smith's lawyer, HOWARD K. STERN, said: "That rumor is entirely false," but the usually skankariffic TrimSpa spokesbabe has been noticably absent from the red carpets lately, indicating she could be nursing a bump...

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