Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Jennifer's All Chin at the 'Break-Up' Premiere

I used to pooh-pooh those crazy tabloid rumors that JENNIFER ANISTON has a "chin implant," but then I saw these photos from "The Break Up" premiere last night ...

Christ on a cracker! It's no wonder that VINCE VAUGHN arrived late and kept his distance from his lantern-jawed co-star, insisting, "I don't have any date tonight." Why, she reminds me of another young hottie back in the day ...

That RUTH BUZZI used to drive the lads wild!

For you youngsters, "Ruth Buzzi was one out of only four people to appear in every episode of the sketch comedy show 'Laugh-In.' Her signature character was the frowzy spinster 'Gladys Ormphby,' clad in brown with her bun hairdo covered by a visible hairnet," according to the record of all things that be, Wikipedia.

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