Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Is J.Lo Knocked Up?

Does JENNIFER LOPEZ have a bambino on board? InTouch magazine is running with a story that "Jenny from the Block" is preggers after she appeared at the Time Magazine "100 Most Influential" party wearing this loose-fitting gown and sporting gray hairs in her obsessively coiffed 'do.

"She always colors her hair," a pal whispers to the mag. "But Jen said if she got pregnant, she'’d be so grateful, she wouldn't care about roots." Further proof was logged when another so-called informant said, "She won'’t touch a sip of alcohol -- she even turned down a glass of her favorite Krug champagne at a recent dinner in New York!"

No champagne?!? Break out the breast pumps! She sure doesn't look in the motherly way to me but, I was just reading in "The Globe" about J.Lo's supposed insane jealousy over JENNIFER GARNER having baby VIOLET with her ex, BEN AFFLECK, so it could be true. Although knowing J.Lo, she'd probably make MARC carry the fetus before she'd risk those unsightly stretch marks!

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