Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Saw TomKat in Person! (No Joke)

(I gotta get a real camera.)

Just got back from seeing TOM & KATIE today at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, where Tom hosted a "fan screening" of "Mission Impossible: 3." Katie was there, making her first post-SURI appearance. They drove up in a mad black Bugatti sportscar, probably one he uses in the flick, and he signed autographs for about an hour. Katie is much cuter in person, and was wearing a black dress with draping in the front so you couldn't really see her leftover baby bump. (She also wore white pumps, which I thought was an odd choice, but hey, maybe it's a Scientology thing!) Tom wore a matching black suit and unfortunately is so short I couldn't get many good shots of him. He was very gracious with the fans and stopped to take pics along an entire city block. The Scientology Celebrity Centre must have been empty that day b/c also on the red carpet were fellow Xenu lovers KIRSTIE ALLEY, LEAH REMINI and JENNA ELFMAN. Tom's bud WILL SMITH was even in the house making a ruckus by running up the theater aisles yelling "Tom? Tom Cruise? I'm looking for Tom!" (He must be on the same happy juice Katie's on.)

The Ride.

"Oh, thanks! My hemorrhoids were killing me."

No baby bump there! Cute bangs tho.

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At 6:11 PM, Anonymous dakota said...

you should have squirted him with a water gun


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