Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Whose New Album Is More Hurl-Worthy: Jacko or K-Fed?

Prepare for the musical apocalypse, people! Whispers of a MICHAEL JACKSON collabro with rapper 50 CENT are hitting the Web, supposedly spearheaded by DJ WHOO KID, a member of Fitty's crew, who told Billboard.com he is heading to Bahrain in two weeks to take possession of tracks Jacko has been working on in his home studio there.

Meanwhile Mr. BRITNEY SPEARS, FED-HER-A-LINE, just debuted songs from his new CD at a private party at Pure in Vegas over the weekend.

Let's see, songs by an exiled child molester vs. songs by a talentless chucklehead? Can I just drive a screwdriver into my ears now?

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At 12:46 PM, Anonymous popozaopapa said...

K-fed's CD will at least be good for a laugh.


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