Sunday, April 23, 2006

Nick Jokes About His Post-Jessica Affairs

He may be a meathead, but at least NICK LACHEY has a sense of humor. As reports that the musclebound cutie is dating MTV "TRL"'s VANESSA MINNILLO hit the Web, the "Soulo" hottie joked about the whole situation last week on "TRL" with Vanessa and the tabloids. She, of course, has denied the two are knockin' boots, even though she's co-starring in his new video "What's Left of Me." And to deflect attention from the two of them, she held up fake tabloid covers linking him with other high-profile stars, such as...

KATIE COURIC? "Katie and I have had a torrid love affair for years and years and years," he joked, "and it finally leaked out in the press and I'm glad I can finally come clean and admit to it after all these years. That one is true."

MTV's DAMIEN? "It's a rarity -- but this one is also true and I have to admit right here on 'TRL' that Damien is a far better kisser than you are, Vanessa."

K-FED? "I find K-Fed irresistible. It was one night, we had a few drinks and stuff happened. What can I say?"

See the actual spoof below...

I have to admit I actually saw Nick on the L.A. set of his new TV sitcom, "She Said, He Said," and he looked adorable, wearing jeans and a dusty blue T with his blue eyes blazin'! He didn't seem heartbroken at all -- believe dat!

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