Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Exclusive! Danielle on Life After 'Top Model'

She's a CoverGirl, mommy! Hey, even though "America's Next Top Model" may be over, I was able to postpone my withdrawal pangs for one more week when I got a chance to chat with gawgeous and funny DANIELLE EVANS, 20, last night! She told me how she's spent the last six months undercover since the finale was taped (sleeping mostly! She says) and what we didn't see behind the scenes in the House That Ty-Ty Built. (Lots of free-styling with JOANIE, for one.)

So what did we miss?: "They left out a lot a WHOLE lot, especially between me and MOLLIE SUE. Mollie named me "Petey" and I named her "Kitty." It all happened because of the transformations, so when I got the long hair she said, 'You look all soft like a kitty,' and when she got the short hair, I thought she looked like Peter Pan – Petey!"

Was FURONDA the most disgusting housemate?: "I went into FURONDA's bathroom and I smelled this really bad stench and I looked down and saw this old, disgusting yogurt! I ran out and got Mollie and said you have to smell this -- and I pushed her face in it! (laughing)"

On dragging herself out of the hospital to ride an elephant for the final shoot!: "I'm not really a crier or a crybaby. I have a really high tolerance for pain so I said, 'Okay Danielle, you can either just sit in the bed and mope or go out and prove yourself!' Those circumstances were definitely different than any I've been in my life. It was the first time ever in my life being in the hospital and it happened away from the family. That was the biggest challenge."

On her favorite girls in the house: "I keep in contact with really all of them. I didn’t have a least favorite girl and I'm being honest. I didn’t have any drama or anything."

And what about her highness, Miss JADE?: "Yeah, I didn't have a problem with Jade and Jade didn’t have a problem with me. Obviously me and Jade didn't get into it. What they didn’t show was the last episode where Jade was eliminated and she came and hugged me and she whispered to me, "Go win it!"

Thanks to Danielle and the UPN folks for the interview! Can't wait to see "Kitty"'s "Life as a CoverGirl." Her two-page ad is in the newest People mag with the "Half Their Size" folks on the front.

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At 1:45 PM, Anonymous modelfan said...

danielle is the first winner to make the series exciting again. it was getting weak after eva won ...


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