Monday, June 05, 2006

Brangie Grants Shiloh Baby Photo While Depressing Millions

UPDATE: Today, baby SHILOH's photo was splashed across the Internet after it was leaked from someone at Hello magazine. I'd show it here but the lawyers for Time Inc., who paid $4 million for it, are clamping down and going after whoever posts it!

ANGELINA JOLIE and BRAD PITT are officially as much fun as the Taliban. Yesterday the dour twosome, in what should have been a happy announcement, said they were going to release a photo of newborn SHILOH to Getty Images, a worldwide photo agency that supplies newspapers and other media with pics, for an undisclosed amount. They even said they would donate the money, which had been estimated at $5 million, to a charity. But lest anyone get excited about the news, they added this completely crushing fact: "While we celebrate the joy of the birth of our daughter, we recognize that two million babies born every year in the developing world die on the first day of their lives. These children can be saved, but only if governments around the world make it priority." I ask you, will these two ever lighten up?

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