Thursday, June 01, 2006

New Evidence of Hauntings at 'The Shining''s Stanley Hotel!

Last night on the season finale of SciFi's "Ghosthunters," the team spent two days wiring and videotaping the famous Stanley Hotel in Colorado (scene of STEPHEN KING's "The Shining"). What they caught on video is nothing short of chilling! At around 5 a.m., team leader JASON was awakened when his closet door opened by itself and then, seconds later, a glass on the nightstand next to his bad SHATTERED. He was alone in the room and turned the video camera on the closet door, which minutes later, closed itself! This was all caught on video, although it hasn't been posted on their site ( yet. (If anyone taped it and uploaded to YouTube let me know!) Also, across the hotel, GRANT and two other investigators witnessed a table and chair "jump" up in the air while Grant was sitting there. Afterwards, he was shaking so badly, he could hardly load his camera. In case you're not familiar, these guys go out and try to debunk hauntings using video and audio recordings and their knowledge of plumbing (they're Roto Rooter guys by day!). Read more about this classic spooky episode here.

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