Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Can You Spot Dr. Phil's New Daughter in Law?

Yes, one of these Playboy Playmates is now the daughter-in-law of TV's top down-home head-shrinker, DR. PHIL. ERICA DAHM, a triplet, married Dr. Phil's son JAY McGRAW on Saturday at the good doc's Beverly Hills home -- and Phil was the best man.

Jay, 26, met Erica and her sisters on the set of a reality show called "Renovate My Family," where she was listed as a "construction expert," but, in fact, she and her sisters were called in as eye candy to demolish houses in need of refurbishing. Before that, she was a December 1998 Playmate with her sisters NICOLE and JACLYN -- the mag's first triplet spread ever! Can't you just imagine Jay introducing his fiancee to "Mr. Tell It Like It Is" family values? Kind of a PR nightmare, no? I mean, "Son, what were you thinkin'?!"

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