Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Before His Mail Order Bride, Emilio Was a Malibu Pimp!

After marrying slurry PAULA ABDUL (eek!) and dating saggy-kneed DEMI MOORE, who can blame EMILIO ESTEVEZ for being a bachelor for so long? At the Venice Film Fest, where he's showing his big-haired biopic of the Kennedy era, "Bobby," "The Repo Man" announced he's engaged to girlfriend SONJA MAGDEVSKI -- hmm, mail-order bride, anyone? This will surely be grim news for a busty blonde friend of mine who actually had high hopes of landing Emilio for herself! She dragged me to his Malibu estate, Casa Emilio, in 2002, hoping to be inducted into the Sheen empire -- and we did have a grand old time. Emilio makes a mean apple-tini and has a ping pong table on his patio. Thank God, CHARLIE SHEEN wasn't in the hizzay or there might have been a different kind of ping-pong show on hand! Alas, Emilio bedded my pal, but nothing ever developed. She said he was a bit of a poser anyway, claiming he was "too famous" to go out on dinner dates, and therefore insisting that he always come over for homecooked meals. As if!


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