Thursday, September 21, 2006

Kill the Stylist! Two Starlets, One Dress

Oh, someone is going to pay! CHRISTINA APPLEGATE and RACHEL GRIFFITHS both showed up in the same frock last night at Hollywood's "Women in Film" brouhaha and you know how testy that can be. Even stranger, who would have thought "Six Feet Under"'s nympho would actually look better than TV's Kelly Bundy in the Hugo Boss gown?

I have to admit, I've never understood the KATE MOSS fascination and this Cirque Du Soleil dominatrix outfit isn't helping ...

And you can take the poor orphaned girl out of the Russian block country ...

... but you can't keep her from dressing like a Soviet streetwalker! Yep, that's once-cute Olympic skating medalist OKSANA BAIUL at NY Fashion Week. Please tell me that's not an actual Care Bear on her shirt!!


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