Thursday, September 28, 2006

Um, This is Modeling?

Far be it from me to criticize the wise and powerful TYRA BANKS and her "Top Model" crew, but the "hair wars" photo shoot on last night's show was hilariously toe up! Tyra enlisted a team of "weavologists," who compete in urban hair shows, to create some insanely over the top hair dos (hair "dids"?) for the model wannabes, including this birdbrained get-up and a "haystack" hair don't with a spinning windmill on top. I busted out laughing when twin AMANDA (or is it MICHELLE?), seen above, joked that she looked like a broke-ass "Toucan Sam"! She was lucky, however, compared to poor BROOKE, below, who got stuck with this 4th of July contraption ...

But in the end, it was cute, little MEGAN, dolled up like an unfortunate Cocker Spaniel ("Spaceballs" anyone?), who was cut from the competition. Aww, but she's so fluffy and cute! Hey, if she's lucky, maybe pocket pooch lover PARIS HILTON will adopt her ...


At 6:14 PM, Anonymous lizze said...

the pics are so photoshop'd cos these girls dont look all that during the show.
Tyra is a lille too much "me me me"


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