Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Santino Presents: Turkeys on Ice!

Hilarious fashion Sandinisto SANTINO RICE was on a roll on last night's "Project Runway," which required the remaining 8 designers to (surprise!) craft an ice-skating costume for Olympic gold medalist SASHA COHEN. I won't spoil the ending for those who haven't seen it except to say that long before they were handed the assignment, the flamboyant Santino was dreaming of making some kind of Kentucky-fried getup. "I want, like, a bird -- or a chicken suit!" he gushed excitedly. What he came up with was a kind of god-awful, red-feathered, turkey suit, which he dramatically dubbed a "fire phoenix rising from the flames." Naturally, the judges were waiting with carving knives as Santino's flaming fiasco hit the runway. One crowed, "The back is like Carmen Miranda on acid," while MICHAEL KORS guffawed, "Unless she was opening a Thanksgiving pageant and the Indians were chasing the turkey, I don't get it!" Just goes to show what they know. We hear The Icecapades are banging down Santino's door!

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