Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sundance Sightings: Hey Jen, Where's Vince?

The Hollywood glitternazis have officially taken over tiny Park City, Utah, where the Sundance Film Festival officially kicked off Thursday night despite fff-rre-eezing 19 degree temps. Yow! Every pseudo-celeb with a pair of Uggs and a crappy low-budget movie is in town, including PARIS HILTON and the like, but none have the starpower of JENNIFER ANISTON, who literally required a police escort to take her to the screening of her new flick "Friends with Money." Big news is Jen arrived WITHOUT current squeeze VINCE VAUGHN, even though Star magazine claims she begged him to marry her after learning of ANGELINA JOLIE's pregnancy by BRAD last week. Joining her instead were her castmates JOAN CUSACK, FRANCES McDORMAND, and CATHERINE KEENER. In the comedy, due out later this year, USA Today says Jen plays,
"a lovable, unmarried pothead who quits her job teaching at a private school and scrapes by cleaning houses as her well-to-do married pals (McDormand, Keener and Cusack) offer advice and sympathy while messing up their own lives in creative ways."

Snap! We always knew Rachel Green liked the chronic!

THIS JUST IN: Is "Friends" returning? News is raging that the six-pack has agreed to film four hourlong specials! "In a secret meeting before Christmas, Jen, COURTNEY COX, LISA KUDROW, MATT LEBLANC, DAVID SCHWIMMER and MATTHEW PERRY reportedly agreed to a $5 million apiece deal with NBC bosses in Los Angeles. Scriptwriters have already started penning lines for the four double episodes, which are due to air next year." Hmm, sounds too good to be true. SUNDAY NIGHT UPDATE: And it's a no-go! Reps at NBC say any such rumors are "absolutely not true."

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