Monday, June 19, 2006

'Aquaman''s Variety Hoax

Funny that on the same day "Variety" reviews the new "Superman Returns" (calling it "sensitive" of all things), a giant two-page ad appears inside the magazine's cover boasting of a super stellar $116 million movie opening for "Aquaman." "Aquaman"? Nope, you didn't miss the biggest blockbuster of the summer. In fact, there is no such movie celebrating the underwater marvel. The ad is an inside joke to fans of "Entourage," HBO's ongoing series about a fictional up-and-coming boy wonder actor named Vincent Chase (played by ADRIAN GRENIER) and his Hollywood pussy posse. Last season, the young Vince was cast as Aquaman, and on last night's episode, the made-up movie finally opened to huge b.o., sending his agent Ari (JEREMY PIVEN) into a salivating frenzy. The brilliance of the "Variety" ad is that it never gives away the joke, and even lists real-life uber-director JAMES CAMERON as its maker.

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