Monday, June 12, 2006

Britney Brags About Her Awesome Mommy Skills

Thanks to a connected friend, I just spent the weekend at the amazing St Regis Monarch Beach resort near Laguna Beach, CA, where a certain "Toxic" mama was also shooting a new photo layout with her baby, SEAN PRESTON. Yep, it was BRITNEY, who as you might have noticed is trying to rehab her image as a white-trash, baby-dangling hillbilly. She tells People mag that hoodrat KEVIN is not "sleeping in the basement" as some tabloids have reported and that her marriage is "awesome." Awesome? In any case, I met a guest at the hotel who is 7 months pregnant and had a brush with the Britster during her stay. She says Brit offered her parenting advice and bragged that, "the first baby is always hard," but now she's an "old pro" at raising kids. The shocked guest politely held her tongue!

Here's the pool view from The St. Regis

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