Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Daryl Hannah Out of Her Tree

There's nothing funnier than an actress up a tree and that's exactly where DARYL HANNAH was today until she was arrested and charged with trespassing by LAPD this afternoon. The "Kill Bill" assassin has been squatting 40 feet up a walnut tree to help protest a developer's plan to bulldoze a community garden in the middle of downtown L.A.'s concrete jungle. Most of the farmers of the 14-acre plot are Spanish immigrants, some who have toiled more than 10 years on the land. But last month they were evicted (they don't own it, you see) -- and that's when the hippie actresses moved in! It took several of L.A.'s finest to remove Daryl and her pals using a cherrypicking crane. Seems to me that if the land is so important to Daryl, couldn't she just buy it for the farmers?


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