Thursday, September 28, 2006

Nick Carter: Paris Is a 'Vampire'!

"Backstreet Boy" NICK CARTER admitted in a radio interview Thursday that he was so "scared" of hoochie girlfriend PARIS HILTON that HE held out for "2 ½ weeks" before giving it up! "The sex vid was out (I didn’t watch it till I broke up with her), and I was like, 'Is this some freakin' sex bitch?'" he says.

Nick and li'l bro AARON also told HOWARD STERN on the air that in the beginning, Paris was so eager to impress him she "cleaned his carpets" -- and we don’t mean the ones in his pants!

"She's a good actress, I'll give it to her," he says. "In the very beginning, she was literally cleaning my carpet in my apartment trying to act all domestic. Before you know it, a month goes by and she's got her nose all up in the air like, 'Who are you?'"

Nick says he met her at the restaurant Koi and describes Paris and her L.A. posse as soulless, spoiled "vampires," who sleep all day and party all night: "I was like am in 'Blade'? Is the blood gonna come out of the sprinklers and they're gonna feed on each other?'" He says he had the last laugh however, when he cheated on her after about 4 months. "I just went on a rampage and it was kind of a shock to her ego and that's basically what happened. I had the balls to admit it to her. I said, 'I did this, this and this,' and she was like, 'Noooo, God!'"

I'd almost feel bad for the heirhead except that she's now dating rocker TRAVIS BARKER, who has only been separated from his wife SHANNA MOAKLER for about 30 seconds!

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