Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Ugliest Bag Ever? (And the Purse Isn't So Great Either)

Sufferin' Succotash! Here's NICKY HILTON debuting her new "Tweety Designed by Nicky Hilton" handbags, part of a cushy deal she made with Warner Bros. to rehab the cartoon canary brand. Call me a birdbrain, but I just learned today that last year was the "Summer of Tweety," according to this oh-so-helpful press release.
Last summer was the "summer of Tweety," as Tweety flew into two of fashion's hottest, trendsetting retailers, Kitson in Los Angeles and SCOOP in New York, with exclusive collections boasting refreshed artwork treatments that were redesigned and embellished with a modern twist. This launch sent Tweety into the upscale fashion scene -- recreating the character as a modish and trendy icon.

Modish and trendy, eh? Sorry, but this bag is just fugly, if you ask me!

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