Thursday, June 29, 2006

Harper's Editors 'Horrified' by Britney's Hair; America Horrified by Harper Cover

Faster than you could say "Miss Clairol," BRITNEY SPEARS dyed her hair brown after fans blasted her matted blonde extensions and general hillbilly appearance on the recent "Dateline" interview. Us Weekly reports a source said, "She pulled out her extensions and bought a bottle of dark hair dye. She didn't understand her image problem until the negative feedback about Dateline." Didn't understand it? Aii-yeesh! She then chopped her hair into a short bob, unfortunately forgetting that she had a photo shoot last week for fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar, which is featuring her on an upcoming cover. Well, don't mess with fashionistas, honey! When Spears showed up at the cover photo shoot last Friday with her new look, the style Nazis were reportedly "horrified." In a tizzy, stylists for the shoot ordered triple espresso caramel frappuccinos and in their highly caffeinated state decided to add brunette extensions to the Bride of Federline. She actually looks hot as a brunette! If only she could keep her damn clothes on.
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