Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Anna to Britney: Let's Be B-Fries!

Good news for BRITNEY SPEARS! ANNA NICOLE SMITH thinks you're, like, "totally cool." "If you wanted to be friends, I would soooo much love to hang out with you!" the six-months-pregnant, pickle-loving TrimSpa babe says on her Website, (Insert your own heart-dotted "i"s and mis-spells here.) Like the Bride of Federline, Anna announced earlier this year that she was preggers -- to the shock and awe of pretty much everyone. But the two Southern-fried blondes do have a lot in common -- like a love for tiny dogs, Cheetos and all things deep-fried. (And even deep-fried, tiny dogs!) So whatchu waitin' for, girls? And don't forget the video cameras!

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